What am I doing

Work tends to be located in the body
An interest of what moves people to act and react
Focus on embodiment
The female body. Researching, questioning,commenting,protesting,laughing and reflecting on ideas around performing gender. Female sexuality. Representations of the female body. Public and private.
Politics. What does my body need to say?
The conscious choice to make a political statement vs behaving with authenticity. Challenging and distorting real life situations and asking What does it mean to be authentic? How can we investigate honesty in movement in a world where as a female I have been indoctrinated to move in a certain way? Do you think I’m dumb because I have long hair? Does my body hold a certain amount of responsibility because its female?
Being awkward, not being what you expected, having a laugh. Performative interactions, public installations, full on dancing and intense experiences.
Duration. Durational performance, slow passing of time, time as endurance, time being demanding, the body demanding your time. Physical demands. Time to think. Mind wander. How long before this becomes surreal.
Anger and what’s wrong with it…. Something I’m working on! Calm down.